[FLASH SALE PRICE - $5.99] - Easy Charge 5200mAh, Compact, Portable, Power Bank Charger - MATTE BLACK

Easy Charge 5200 mAh Portable Power Bank  





  • Powerful Rock PLUS 5,200 mAh capacity which will charge most Apple iPhones or Android smartphones approximately 100% to 300%! That’s enough to get through a full day, easily!
  • USB Ports: 1.5A output for iPhones and Android Smartphone charging
  • Compact size with a sleek, modern style and tremendous power capacity. The quality you expect from Modern Portable
  • Compatible with Apple, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Samsung Nexus, GoPro, digital cameras and many other devices that charge via USB


The possibilities are almost endless! If it charges via USB, the Rock PLUS can charge it… fast!



Package contents:

  • Rock PLUS 5200mAh Bank Charger
  • Micro USB cable (Apple Adapters- 30 pin and Lightning, NOT Included)


  • Length - 3.9 Inches
  • Width - 2 Inches
  • Height - 1 Inch
  • Weight - .30 Pounds

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