ELITE Sport, In-ear, Bluetooth, Water Resistant Headset. Bluetooth Earbuds With Microphone, Premium Hi-Fi Sound, Deep Rich Bass and Much More

Introducing the HIFI ELITE Sport earphones: Astonishing sound quality, feature set and value.

Modern Portable's HIFI ELITE Sport earphones produce rich, accurate sound sure to please discriminating listeners, and thrilling those who are new to high quality audio reproduction.

The HIFI ELITE Sport pairs easily with your devices via a Bluetooth 4.0 connection. The water and sweat-resistant design makes them perfect for use anywhere from the gym to  a rainy city street. 
HIFI ELITE Sport Bluetooth In Ear Headphones by Modern Portable

Thoughtful engineering that makes a difference

Our HIFI ELITE Sport earphones incorporate a slightly larger housing than is typically found in an in-ear design.  This housing allows us to incorporate a bigger sonic driver and a stronger magnetic motor structure to reproduce music more accurately.  Bass is more deep, solid and controlled, and high frequencies are detailed, sweet and delicate. This larger sonic driver is also more electrically efficient, which means the battery will last longer. 

Surprising comfort and security

Though the earphone housing is slightly larger than a typical in-ear design, the HiFi ELITE Sport is still lightweight and has been carefully shaped and balanced so it stays in securely in your ear without a behind-the-ear clip. Three separate earpiece sizes and three in-ear comfort grips are included, ensuring a proper fit with any ear size or shape.

The features you expect, and more

  • Connect via Bluetooth from smartphones, tablets, computers and more.
  • Noise isolating design for travel, work, workouts, running, walking, on the go or wherever life takes you.
  • Deep, powerful and balanced sound for music, movies and games
  • Integrated hands-free microphone for wireless crystal clear hands free calling.
  • Distortion-free audio even at the highest volume level. (Please note that though the HIFI ELITE is distortion free, some downloaded or streamed audio is not.)
  • Easy setup and operation, with fast and efficient pairing to get you started
  • Listen to audio from your music library, Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Prime Music, Apple music, iHeart Radio, or any music service you use from your smartphone or tablet.
  • 4 to 5 Hour battery life, 2 Hour charging time, charges via Micro USB
  • So lightweight and comfortable, you can wear the HiFi ELITE Sport all day long

Let beautiful music accompany you throughout life, whoever you are and wherever you go

Our sound engineers are audiophiles with a passion for music and fine sound. They designed the HIFI ELITE Sport with you in mind, to bring musical enjoyment to your life everywhere, every day. We hope you enjoy the HIFI ELITE Sport!

-Your friends at Modern Portable

HIFI ELITE Sport By Modern Portable

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