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  • The jHub Rock Power Bank Charger
  • The jHub Elite Dual Port USB Charger
  • The jHub Ultra Power Bank Chargers       
  • The jHub C2 Dual USB Car Charger           

When you give a gift, how can you be sure you will be remembered? If you give something generic like a bottle of wine or a gift card, you are giving something the recipient has likely received before, perhaps many times. While thoughtful, your gift will  not stand out and will soon be forgotten with all the rest. 

What if you could give a gift that keeps on giving?  What if you could give a gift that will be taken everywhere and used every single day? You can give such a gift, a gift sure to be loved, a gift that will keep their modern life fully charged!

Modern Portable's jHub power banks and Dual Port Car Chargers offer just that, with their modern, sleek look and feel,portability and powerful charging capacity.  Our jHub power bank chargers and Dual Port car charger are designed to be modern and stylish, comfortable to hold, and portable without compromising charging output. With pricing our competitors simply cannot match, giving the gift of a jHub Charger is the best way to incentive employees, reward customers or give them the greatest party favor ever.   
Don’t give your clients a gift to forget. Give them a jHub they will truly love for many years to come.


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