HIFI PRO SPORT - Help Getting Started - Quick Guide Pairing & Charging & User Manual


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FAQ Questions: 

Voice Command Question: 

Questions: My HIFI PRO SPORT voice prompt is speaking to me in a different language how do I change the voice prompt language to English?

Answer: To switch the voice command prompt language back to English, Select the (square shaped) middle power button and the Plus Symbol (+) button simultaneously (both at the same time) this will allow you to  switch to English voice prompt.


Pairing the HIFI PRO SPORT to two (2) devices at the same time:

Question: How do I pair my HIFI PRO SPORT to 2 different Bluetooth enabled devices at the same time? 

Answer: Steps to Connect two Bluetooth devices at the same time:

  1. Pair the HIFI PRO SPORT to the first Bluetooth enabled device using the Pairing instructions located on the user manual.
  2. After pairing successfully, turn off the HIFI PRO SPORT, and also disable the Bluetooth function from your first Bluetooth enabled device (switch Bluetooth to the OFF position).
  3. Now Power back ON the HIFI PRO SPORT and pair it to your second Bluetooth enabled device.
  4. After pairing successfully to your second device, turn back “ON” the Bluetooth function from your first device. Select  "MODERN PORTABLE” and click "connect". The Two devices will both be connected to the HIFI PRO SPORT at the same time.


Getting Started & Quick Guide First Time Use Instructions

  • Important Note: Before first use you must charge the HIFI PRO SPORT over 6 HOURS (the first charge is longer than the normal (2 HOUR) charge time because it is important you charge your HIFI PRO SPORT completely before your first use).

    How to charge the HIFI PRO SPORT :

  • Connect the Micro USB charging cable to the Micro USB charging port located on the side of the HIFI PRO SPORT controls.
  • Connect the USB side of the charging cable to any USB charging port.
  • (You can use the same in wall charging adaptor that comes with your smartphone or any USB charging port including your computers USB Ports.)
  • A red indicator light will appear when charging.

  • A normal full charge will take about 2 to 3 hours.

  • The red indicator light will disappear when the unit is fully charged.


Quick Guide: First Use Pairing/Connecting Instructions:

  1. Power “ON” your HIFI PRO SPORT (Press and hold the (square shaped) middle power button located in the center of your HIFI PRO SPORT earphone controls).
  2. After hearing the voice control “POWER ON” & “PAIRING” from your HIFI PRO SPORT open your Bluetooth settings from your Bluetooth enabled device.
  3. Search or Refresh your Bluetooth settings page.

  4. Find and Select “MODERN PORTABLE” in your other devices or available Bluetooth device (You may also receive a Pairing Request, if so select “Pair”).

  5.  Wait 5 to 8 seconds for the MODERN PORTABLE - HIFI PRO SPORT to “Connect/Pair” with your Bluetooth enabled device.
  6.  Important Note: Please make sure you disconnect any other Bluetooth devices before pairing the HIFI PRO SPORT.

  7. Once connected you will hear a voice command saying “PAIRING SUCCESSFUL” & “CONNECTED”

  8. CONGRAGULATIONS! You have successfully paired to your MODERN PORTABLE - HIFI PRO SPORT for the first time.  On behalf of the whole team here at MODERN PORTABLE we are extremely delighted to have you as a customer and we hope you LOVE the HIFI PRO SPORT!


*For more detailed instructions on how to use this product, please refer to the HIFI PRO SPORT user manual located on the Modern Portable Website under the help section http://www.modernportable.com/pages/manual-hifi-pro-sport