Why is my HIFI MC Speaker not showing up on my mobile device?
Ensure the speaker is powered on and that it has stated that it is in "Bluetooth Mode."  If it is not in Bluetooth Mode, click the top, power button until you hear the speaker state "Bluetooth Mode."
 What devices will work with my HIFI MC Speaker?
All devices with Bluetooth capabilities or a Bluetooth adapter/transmitter should easily work with the HIFI MC Speaker.  This includes mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, computers, etc.
 How do I disconnect the HIFI MC Speaker from my device?
To disconnect the Hifi MC, you may do one of the following. (1) turn off the Bluetooth function on the device (2) turn off the speaker (3) use your device's Bluetooth settings menu to "unpair" the HIFI MC Speaker from your device.
 How do I turn on & use the FM Radio Mode?
After powering the speaker on, you should hear "Bluetooth Mode."  Click the power button once to switch to the FM Radio Mode.  If done correctly, you will hear "FM Mode" both until you change the speaker mode back to Bluetooth Mode.
 How do I find a radio station in FM Mode?
To find a radio station, first Select FM mode by clicking the "M" Mode Button. Next, press & hold the middle Play/Pause button down until the blue light blinks. Do not touch any more buttons, as the speaker will scan and program FM stations in memory. When the blinking stops (approximately 3-4 minutes), programming is complete.  Select stations with the song skip/replay buttons. Be aware that the Play/Pause button can also mute the speaker when in FM Mode so if you are tuned into a station, but hear nothing, just click this button to un- mute the speaker. 
 I connected my USB cable to my Laptop, why is my speaker not charging?
Especially when the battery is fully drained, a laptop may not have sufficient power to charge your HIFI MC speaker.  We highly recommend using a wall or car charger compatible with the USB cable for the quickest and best charge of your speaker.
 Why is my HIFI MC Speaker cutting out sporadically while playing music?
If this is occurring, the Bluetooth connection is being interfered with.  Make sure no objects are obstructing the connection and that the HIFI MC is within range for a proper, strong connection.
 What happens if I get a phone call while listening to music with my HIFI MC Speaker?
You can answer or reject the phone call with the speaker, using the wireless mic on the speaker to talk.  The music will pause and the phone will ring until the call is answered, rejected, or sent to voicemail.
 How do I listen using the AUX Cable?
There is no "regular" AUX port on the HIFI MC Speaker.  Use the included end-matching AUX cable by plunging it into the same port you plug the USB charging cable into.  Plug to opposite end into your desired device.
 How long does the battery last before it must be charged?
The rechargeable battery should last approximately 10 hours, depending on listening volume.
 Is the HIFI MC waterproof?
The HIFI MC is not built to be waterproof and we do not recommend using the HIFI MC near excessive amounts of water.


 Why are there no radio stations coming through cleanly on my HIFI MC Speaker?
Before being able to use this feature, you must program/calibrate your HIFI MC unit so that it can pick up local radio stations.  To do so, simply follow the instructions below:
  • Select FM mode by clicking the "M" Mode Button.
  • Press & Hold the middle Play/Pause button down until blue light blinks.
  • Do not touch any more buttons. Speaker will scan and program FM stations in memory.
  • When the blinking stops (3-4 minutes) programming is complete.  
  • Select stations with the song skip/replay buttons.

 Do I have to scan for stations every time I use my HIFI MC in FM Radio Mode?
No.  As long as you have not relocated to an area where the radio stations have changed, you should be able to tune into the station you were last listening to before powering off the HIFI MC.
 How do I find radio stations manually?
After the initial programming steps are complete, simply use the "Song Skip/Replay" buttons to tune your HIFI MC into any local station.
 Does the HIFI MC have a way to set preset stations?
You cannot set presets into the FM Radio Mode.  The HIFI MC will, however, remember which station you were last on before powering off your speaker.


 What file format is needed to use the SD Card Mode on the HIFI MC?
Music files should be loaded individually in "MP3" file format to be compatible with the HIFI MC.
 My HIFI MC is switching out of SD Card Mode immediately after entering the mode?
Make sure your SD Card is fully inserted and you hear/feel a click.  You may need to use your fingernail or a pen to push the small card fully in and should be able to completely close the rubber door on the side of the HIFI MC.