To power on/off & select mode, press & hold the top button.  Click this button once turned on to switch between Bluetooth & FM Radio modes.  Hold this button again to power off.

To increase or decrease volume, simply move the silver dial on the front of the speaker:  right to increase, left to decrease.

To skip or replay a song, press the arrow buttons located in positions 2 and 4 next tot he Play/Pause button.  Press the top arrow button to skip ahead and the bottom arrow button to skip backwards on your playlist.

To answer a call or Play/Pause your music, press the 3rd button only once for each command.  The middle button will only answer a call when you have an incoming phone call. Otherwise, the middle button controls the Play/Pause functions only.  To reject a call, hold this NOTE:  Phone Call answering requires the Bluetooth connection be used between the mobile phone and speaker.  A wireless, hands-free microphone is included on the right ear-cup.



 Press & Hold the middle Play/Pause button down once in FM Mode.  

 Allow the HIFI MC to scan through all local radio stations.  You will know it is done when it tunes into a station and remains on that station.

 You can now use the Skip/Replay buttons to manually choose your favorite local radio station.

NOTE:  You must allow the HIFI MC to scan for local stations before the FM Mode Feature will work properly.  You will not be able to find a clear station without scanning first.