HIFI ELITE Super 66 - Getting Started


 Plug the smaller end of the included micro-USB cord into the underside of the right ear-cup.
Plug the larger end into any USB port such as a wall charger.
A solid red LED light will display when the headphones are charging
 A solid blue LED light will display when the headphones are completely charged.
NOTE:  Before first use, you must charge your headphones completely! (3 - 4 Hours)



To power on & pair the headphones with a Bluetooth device hold the middle, multi-function button down (play/pause/power) for at least 8 to 10 seconds.  DO NOT LET GO WHEN YOUR HEAR "Power On."
Hold the middle button until you hear "Pairing." 
A red & blue LED light will flash once in Pairing Mode.
 Turn on the Bluetooth function of your desired device.  Scan until you see "HIFI ELITE" & select it.
If done correctly, you will hear "Paired."
Once a device is connected, the headphones will automatically connect when powered on as long as the device has Bluetooth enabled and is within range.
To power off, hold the middle, multi-function button for 6 to 8 seconds until you hear "Power Off."


 A tangle-free AUX cord can be plugged into the bottom of the right ear-cup for a wired listening option that does not require any battery life nor Bluetooth capabilities.

 The right ear-cup control panel allows for volume control, song skip, play/pause, and phone call answering functions at the press of a button.  NOTE:  Phone Call answering requires the Bluetooth connection be used between the mobile phone and headphones.
 To increase or decrease volume, simply press the "+/-" buttons respectively located on the right ear cup.  When wearing the headphones correctly, the "+" is located towards the front and the "-" towards the back.
 To skip or replay a song, press the arrow buttons located above and below the middle, multi-function button.  Press the top arrow button to skip ahead and the bottom arrow button to skip backwards on your playlist.
 To answer a call or Play/Pause your music, press the middle, multi-function button only once for each command.  The middle button will only answer a call when you have an incoming phone call.  Otherwise, the middle button controls the power and Play/Pause functions only.  NOTE:  A wireless, hands-free microphone is included on the right ear-cup.

 To adjust the size of your headphones for the most comfortable fit, slide the ear-cups to the desired number located on the sides of the outer, steel headband.
 To store your headphones for travel & protection in the HIFI ELITE Super 66 Protective Case (sold separately) simply fold both ear-cups inward towards the inside of the padded headband.