FAQ - jHub Ultra

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The package includes the jHub Ultra Power Bank USB Charger and a micro USB cable that is used to charge the jHub Ultra.
*To charge your phones, tablets and other USB devices you will need the provided charging cable for your device which will connect into your standard USB of the jHub Ultra.
Yes,you can use other cables.
Please try a different AC adapter and Micro USB cable to see if that helps. Email us at support@ModernPortable.com
The battery can be recharged from any PC or laptop USB port or any USB AC adapter.A USB AC adapter with 0.8A or more output current will maximize charging speed.Lower currents will prolong the charge time.
The battery is compatible with most Android, Apple and other USB devices.
Yes, but the Apple cable is not included. Please use your device's original lightning cable.
Yes it will, when taking a close look at the port you will notice that it is divided, insert the none Micro USB 3.0 plug to the appropriate side and it will work fine.
The efficiency of this battery is around 68%-80%. The internal circuit board is 90%efficient, this accounts for power lost through circuit heat and voltage conversion (this is standard for external power bank chargers), which is up to 5% above the industry average. Energy is also lost within the charging cable and the device being charged (approximately 15-20%).
No you cannot and should not use the jHub Ultra while you are charging it.
1) When the battery is charging your devices, a steady blue light will indicate that your device is being charged.
2)When charging your jHub Ultra, a steady red light will indicate that your jHub is being charged properly. The jHub normally takes ~ 3 to 4 hours for a full charge
Yes, but please be sure that the USB AC adapter is compatible with the voltage of the country you're traveling to. The input voltage of an adapter is usually labeled on the adapter.
Yes, the jHub Ultra Power Bank Charger can legally and safely be taken on board airplanes.
Please try a different AC adapter and Micro USB cable to see if that helps. Email us at support@ModernPortable.com
You will want to first fully charge the jHub Ultra prior to using it to charge a device. Use the provided micro USB cable to charge the jHub Ultra by plugging it into a USB power adapter and the other end into the micro USB port located on the jHub Ultra.
*When charging your jHub Ultra, approximately 20% to 35% of the external battery’s capacity will be consumed due to power lost from heat produced by circuit, the conversion of the voltage and the cable charging/your device. Industry average is currently 35% for the efficiency rate.